Health Education

Educating people about health is the health profession. Most of the inhabitants in India lf are uneducated, and according to government data barely 2 percent graduate from high school. Due to poor quality of education, students could not learn more from these organizations. So the literacy rate in India has not gone much up and this is the reason that people in the country, still lack the knowledge of this topic.

Understanding health related issues is very necessary for all the citizens of the country and if this is not taken seriously, this problem would grow and can never be solved. We need to put proper measures to control all this. Various educational programs related to health are organized in the rural areas by the government to bring awareness in people.

Doctors and teachers are offered good packages to work in the rural areas or villages by the government. Besides this a number of hospitals and other health centers are also opened, so that maximum people can take advantage. Still the results are not satisfactory. Corruption is of course one of the reason for this and others could be lack of proper leadership and much more.

Understanding all heath related issues, effect of childhood marriage, proper sanitation, garbage and its effect on society, knowing about various deadly diseases, vaccination and its importance, family planning and its effect on population of the country, coming out of religious beliefs and understanding medication.  This all is very important. We need to take proper steps to educate people in all aspects.