Breast Augmentation With Fat Transfer

You might not have heard about the ability to transfer fat to make your breasts look bigger, and this is a procedure that can be good for some, but definitely not satisfying for others. This is why it is important to discuss the procedure with your trusted doctor, and learn more about what you can expect.

If you are interested in contacting a reputable clinic, check out your local clinics or Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne. It all depends where you are, since checking out your reputable local clinics might be the best option for everyone.

Achieve the body shape you want

Having small breasts can occur due to pregnancy, aging, heredity or weight loss, all depends on each individual. The breast augmentation procedure is designed to help you gain your confidence back by allowing you to choose the size of your breasts. Today, you have many different procedures to help you with this.

Fat transfers

The breast augmentation with fat transfers will use your fat cells to help increase the size of your breasts. The first period will consist of a liposuction that will carefully harvest your fat cells, and then this fat will be process to remove all the non-fat fluids, after which they will be injected into your breasts.

This method has a dual benefit as it will naturally increase your breasts’ size and it will also contour the problem areas, in case you have any. Breast augmentation is a great option for many women out there who would want to have bigger breasts.

The idea candidates

The first part of your breast augmentation process should be talking with your doctor, so that they can see whether you qualify to have this procedure done or not. The ideal candidates for this type of breast augmentation are the ones who have their ideal weight. Being a bit overweight should not be a problem, but anything more than that is a big problem.

Keep in mind that you need to have realistic expectations from this surgery, as well as an appropriate donor site; meaning that if you are very skinny, with no excess fat on your body, then you are not a good candidate for this type of breast augmentation.

Know what to expect

You need to know what kind of results to expect from fat transfer to breasts Melbourne at Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne or at your trusted clinic, because every breast augmentation procedure is different. Well, the fat transfers breast augmentation will make your breasts naturally bigger but they can only increase about ½-1 cup in size, unlike implants.

Choose the size and be happy with in body

If you are looking for a much bigger size, then you should consider having implants instead. This is again the reason why it is important that you talk to your doctor on time. Tell him what you want your results to be, and he could point you to the right direction of the surgery you want. During your consultation, you should also discuss all the risks or unwanted effects that the given surgery will have.

Final word

Women often get their confidence back when their breasts are enlarged, and if that is the case for you, check out different breast augmentation procedures. The breast augmentation with fat transfers will allow you to have slightly bigger and naturally fuller breasts, but if you were looking for something bigger, check out other forms of breast augmentation procedures.

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