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Sperm Freezing for Men who Wants to Overcome Future Fertility Issues

Sperm freezing or Sperm cryopreservation is the preservation of a man’s sperm cells overcome possible infertility issues in the future. It is a fast and simple method to preserve good quality sperm. This process can also be used for sperm donation to couples who are both infertile. Men who are at risk of reduced fertility from serious health concerns like cancer can benefit from this procedure.

How the Procedure Work

Sperm cryopreservation provides men the option to freeze and store their sperm until they desire to have a child. This procedure is quite quick and non-invasive compared to more invasive female procedures. It involves collecting sperm cells from ejaculated semen and freezing them to be used in future fertility treatments like in vitro fertilization (IVF). The sperm preservation process includes routine screening for infection, undergoing sperm extraction, analyzing sperm quality and quantity in a laboratory setting, freezing viable sperm, and storing the sperm. The semen is added with a cryoprotectant to control sperm damage that freezing can cause through ice crystallization.


Why Many Men Choose to Freeze their Egg

The frozen sperm is kept for as long as you need or want it. Below are reasons why men choose to freeze their sperms:

  • They can choose when to be a parent. By freezing the sperm now, a man can preserve his fertility until he is ready to be a parent. This option offers him the chance to be a parent even when he needs to undergo a cancer treatment or experience a medical condition which impacts his fertility.
  • Save some youthful, healthy sperm. The sperm a man makes in his 20’s may not be the same healthy sperm he will carry in his 40s and 50s. With sperm freezing, he can preserve his young, healthy sperms to ensure his future children are as healthy as possible.
  • Duty calls. Men in the military who will be deployed for a long time or those who frequently make business trips don’t need to delay their or their partner’s desire to have a child.
  • Detect fertility issues. The majority of sperm banks or clinics provide a comprehensive semen analysis and will inform their patients if their current sperm health is compromised. If this happens, a patient can start working on a plan to address the problem.

  • Help others achieve their dream of parenting. Those who choose this method to preserve a man’s fertility can donate their healthy, young sperm to a sperm bank to help somebody else’s dream of parenting come true.

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