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What is Frenectomy? Find Out if your Child Needs One or Not

A frenum acts as an attachment between the gum or the fixed soft tissue and some moving soft tissue part of the mouth, usually the tongue or a lingual frenum or the lip or labial frenum or the cheek aka buccal frenum. Many times, this leads to the problem with the gums or the teeth alignment especially when the frenum is attached to the gum at a level where the teeth emerge. You might notice a space involved between the two front teeth where you are able to see the gum on your mouth roof go white when you pull on the upper lip.

There are many more reasons where a child can have a space between two front teeth and the professional will be able to check if your case is applicable to your child as well. One very basic reason is that not all teeth have arrived and occupied at the available space just yet. A frenectomy is a procedure that removes or reshapes the frenum. This procedure can usually be used in integration with the orthodontics. It is rarely done before all the adult teeth have been erupted, but there are many other reasons to why it is to be done and can be done earlier. For example, if the frenum is attached in such a way that it is damaging the gums or causing pain when the lips move or if it is interfering immensely with the tongue movements. It can also be implemented on someone who has no teeth. A frenum can also impact with the comfortable fitting of the denture. It is usually not done by the orthodontists themselves, and they will recommend you to approach an oral surgeon or a periodontist. Get in touch with us to know the frenectomy cost.

The best time to carry out a labial frenectomy

Until and unless there is a healthy bone to move the teeth together, you would rarely require the frenectomy beforehand to let the teeth move together and enclose the gap, but a thick frenum can push them apart when the braces come off. Hence, this is the reason why orthodontist may wait till the end of the treatment before they decide. We recommend to not move the teeth through healing tissue or scar tissue. The tissue in the surgery area contracts when it heals which helps in keeping the teeth together. The other issue is the long term retention. If the frenum makes space between two front teeth to reopen, then a fixed retainer is placed on the two front teeth.

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